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Technology helping those waiting for heart transplant

December 19, 2013

Technology is revolutionizing organ transplant surgery and a southwestern Ontario woman is living proof.

Suzana De Sousa was among the first patients at the London Health Sciences Centre to get a device to improve heart function while she waited for a donor heart to become available.

New heart to start new year for Kitchener mom

December 19, 2013

The ultimate Christmas wish has come true for a Kitchener family thanks to a trailblazing procedure at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).

Grisamore: A Christmas that is truly heartfelt

December 17, 2013

Tim Grimes will attend a special Christmas party Thursday afternoon.It won’t bother him that other folks will be wearing straps across their shoulders and around their waists. He will, too.

A Family with a Heart

November 26, 2013

Not long ago, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) heart patient Mirella Ursino feared her days of cooking, shopping, and, most importantly, enjoying her family, were numbered. Today, however, thanks to a remarkable medical journey, she still cooks a mean chicken parm from her Revere kitchen.

Thankful for So Many Things: The tale of heart transplant recipient, Nicole Ludwig

November 3, 2013

This holiday season, Danville’s Nicole Ludwig (43) is thankful for so many things in her life. She’s thankful for the beautiful daughter, Nadia, she and her husband adopted four years ago; she’s thankful for her wonderful husband, Jim who carried the emotional load when their lives were turned upside down in 2011, and, she’s immensely thankful for the heart she received last year that allows her to be with the ones she loves on Thanksgiving Day.

Life with a new heart: Cheney, other transplant patients survive thanks to new devices, drugs

October 28, 2013

In 1983, when Orlando DeFelice was 28 years old, a summer virus caused his heart to fail. For three months, the Baltimore accountant lay teetering on the edge of death until surgeons found him a new heart, from a 16-year-old girl who had died in a motorcycle accident. DeFelice’s operation was the third heart transplant performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The Dr. Oz Show

October 23, 2013

Former VP Dick Cheney and his cardiologist Dr. Reiner discuss and demonstrate the HeartMate II during a visit to the Dr. Oz Show, and how it bridged Mr. Cheney to heart transplant. 

The heart of last resort

October 9, 2013

Dan Howard is not part of the zombie apocalypse, though the 73-year-old, rural Mountain Home man doesn’t have a pulse or a blood pressure as they are commonly understood

Implantable heart pump prolongs lives for heart patients

September 26, 2013

Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs), once only considered a bridge to heart transplants for advanced heart failure patients, are now serving as a long-term therapy that is helping patients prolong their lives up to five years. Now being offered by the CardioVascular Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), LVADs are regarded as a "destination therapy."

Former Clemson coach Red Parker, 81, is still in the game

September 21, 2013

Forty years ago today, Red Parker suffered his first loss as Clemson's head football coach, a 31-14 setback at Georgia.

New heart device at Seattle Children’s improves patients’ survival rate and quality of life

September 10, 2013

Montana teen becomes first patient at Seattle Children’s to receive the HeartMate II ventricular assist device (VAD) and a heart transplant while being supported with an implantable VAD. He is also the first patient at any pediatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest to leave the hospital with a VAD while waiting for a heart transplant.


LVAD: The Alternative to a Failing Heart

August 26, 2013

What if you have a failing heart, but you're not a candidate for heart transplant, and medicines aren't working? There's an alternative: a new device and controller called the Left Ventricular Assist Device, better known as LVAD -- weighs less than 20 ounces, pumps almost as much blood as a native heart, and lasts for years.

LVAD: The Alternative to a Failing Heart

August 14, 2013

Ruby Moody has a lot to look forward to; grandchildren, graduations you name it. But five years ago her heart started failing which made making plans and everyday life impossible.

Electric Pump Gives Tonya Moore A Second Chance At Life

July 3, 2013

A Burlington woman is getting a second chance at life and it's all because of a pump.

Tonya Moore survived a heart attack at the age of 36, but even with the changes she made, doctors said more was needed Moore's heart condition became worst.

Local Heart Transplant Survivor Enjoys Thrill Of A Lifetime

July 3, 2013

Nicole Ludwig never thought she'd live to see the day when she'd be the guest of honor at a NASCAR race, hanging out with her favorite drivers and enjoying the best seat in the house.

A year after a life-saving heart transplant, she was waving the green flag to send NASCAR's elite drivers into a full-throttle fight to the finish at Sonoma Raceway.

Thoratec Acquires DuraHeart® II Ventricular Assist System

July 1, 2013

Thoratec Corporation (NASDAQ: THOR), a world leader in device-based mechanical circulatory support therapies to save, support and restore failing hearts, said today it has acquired the DuraHeart® II ("DH-II") ventricular assist system from Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543 Section 1)

I just didn't think my baby was going to make it

June 12, 2013

Tuesday marked a huge milestone for a high school senior from Burien, and it was one many feared she wouldn't reach.

Special Report: A New Life, A New Heart

May 14, 2013

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. Yet many women don't know the signs or pay attention to them.

A young woman named Ally Babineaux drew headlines a few years ago for her personal struggle with heart disease as she was just getting married. She became known as the 'Bionic Bride' and now calls the Coastal Bend her home.

Resident receives life-saving heart pump

May 13, 2013

Virginia Marrs is a pioneer for local heart patients.

Five months ago at Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, the 69-year-old Hulbert resident received a first-line intermediate-to-chronic left ventricular assist device called the HeartMate II, because she was in heart failure facing her own mortality.

New way to mend a broken heart

April 19, 2013

After 73 days in the hospital, Suzana DeSousa is ready to go home.

Thanks to a device recently approved for a trial by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, she is now able to.

Meet JoeAnn Bivins: From heart failure to choir singing record-setter

March 25, 2013

The University of Michigan Samuel and Jean Frankel Cardiovascular Center is helping to set new standards for what patients with heart failure can expect out of life.

Pittsboro woman, 72, gets new heart

March 20, 2013

At an age when too many senior citizens are giving up, a Pittsboro woman is getting a second chance with a new heart.

Lifesaving Technology Provides Promise for Heart Failure Patients

March 15, 2013

Kristi Mardis was diagnosed with severe heart failure in her early 20s. For years, she had no quality of life, no energy. Simple everyday tasks were challenging.

Mechanical heart pumps keep Porter brothers alive

March 12, 2013

Porter brothers Tyler Wertz and Austin Tucker are the world's first patients with Becker muscular dystrophy who are being kept alive by mechanical heart pumps while they await heart transplants.

Keeping the Heart Beating: the LVAD Implant Update

February 12, 2013

A few months ago we showed you a device called an LVAD, or left ventricular assist device, that doctors at Geisinger were trained to use but hadn’t yet on an area heart patient.  That changed in December, when they implanted one into the chest of a man from Columbia County.

Lifesaving Technology Provides Promise for Heart Failure Patients

February 12, 2013

Kristi Mardis was diagnosed with severe heart failure in her early 20s. For years, she had no quality of life, no energy. Simple everyday tasks were challenging.

“I couldn’t go out or do things with family and friends. I could barely make myself dinner. Sometimes, I could barely breathe,” she said. “I was simply existing. I wasn’t living.”

Small, Simple, Lifesaving

February 1, 2013

We describe it as racing when we’re excited, skipping when we’re startled, swelling when we’re proud – it gets name-checked a great deal in this season of romance. The heart is associated with a wide range of emotions, but its function is to move blood through the body, and when it fails to do that the emotions involved are predominantly desperation and sorrow. But now, thanks to the availability of the HeartMate II from Thoratec, a little more hope.

Implantable Heart Pumps Are Keeping The Beat Going

January 29, 2013

For people under 65 with end-stage heart disease, a heart transplant can mean the difference between life and death.

But there aren’t nearly enough donated hearts to go around. As a result, thousands of Americans are on a waiting list, including 30 people in San Diego.

Left Ventricular Device saves woman's life

January 22, 2013

After Pam Golden received a Left Ventricular Assist Device, or LVAD, she said her life changed for the better.

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