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In The News Archives For 2012

Latina Gets Second Chance at Life with Heart Pump

December 11, 2012

About six months after Mayra Rodriguez was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in October 2005, she made another discover, making eight cycles of aggressive chemotherapy worth it.

The 33-year-old New Jersey native was pregnant with her first child.

However, Rodriguez’s celebration was short-lived. After being warned by doctors delivering a baby could weaken her heart due to her therapy, she had both a son and heart failure.

Surgery gives Avella man mechanical heart

November 27, 2012

Dave Kelso had his heart replaced by an LVAD pump after his wife, Norma, learned about it on the Internet.

Battery-powered hearts give two brothers a fighting chance

October 10, 2012

At their home in Porter, brothers Tyler Wertz and Austin Tucker can spend hours playing Xbox. The day we visited the game of choice was mixed-martial arts courtesy of the UFC.  But next to their television sits a much more important piece of equipment: the computer and battery charger keeping them both alive.

Device Offers Second Chance at Life

October 9, 2012

A Morse Bluff man has received a second chance at life, thanks to some new and improved medical technology.

Man Cherishes Electrical Heart

September 18, 2012

George Houston was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment last Thursday, but it was rescheduled.

That was okay. After all, the appointment was bumped because Houston’s doctor would be busy helping someone with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD).

Health Aware: Advanced treatment helps patients live better, longer

September 10, 2012

Earlville resident Kenneth Clowers, 67, is retired but still enjoys helping out now and then at the family’s auto repair business. But, he had to stop at least four times to regain his energy while walking the one-and-half blocks from his house to the shop.

Older Americans With Advanced Heart Failure Get New Lease On Life

September 7, 2012

drienne Blankenship has known her husband Carter since she was 3 years old. “We were destined to be together,” she said. “It was always love.”

Carter’s metaphorical heart was set on forever with Adrienne, but his physical heart wasn’t going to make it easy. Little did he know, Carter was waging a longtime battle against heart failure.

Joplin man gets new lease on life, thanks to high-tech heart pump

September 3, 2012

Allen Shirley doesn’t have a heartbeat. Not in the traditional sense, that is. Put an ear or a stethoscope to his chest and one will hear a whirring sound.

“You don’t really hear much of a heartbeat at all,” the Joplin resident said with a big grin. “My doctor said, ‘You’re a zombie.’ What you’re hearing is the (workings) of the motor running.”

New Heart Device

August 24, 2012

In February, Allen Shirley could barely walk, let alone make it down his own stairs. 
"It's not much fun just sitting in a chair not being able to move," states Shirley. 
Shirley was told he had 6 months to live after suffering a massive heat attack.

Pump gives hope to Kaiser Sunnyside heart patients

July 24, 2012

In an operation that was the first of its kind in Clackamas County, surgeons at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center have implanted a heart pump for a patient with advanced heart failure.

Heart pump device gets teen to a second chance

July 11, 2012

Amber Munoz, 15, relishes the idea of playing her flute at football games this fall with the Taft High School Raider Band. “I love playing music for people; it makes me happy,” she says

Help for the heart: Patients rely on ventricular device to keep key organ pumping

July 1, 2012

Flathead Valley residents Russell Harold and Dennis Swensgard suffer from advanced congestive heart failure, but a system called a HeartMate II makes their hearts work better.

The Newest Medical Technologies Saving Lives

June 20, 2012

Many life-saving devices, especially those mechanically performing the necessary functions of the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc., have existed in one form or another for years, and are now often taken for granted as being regular components of medical care.

Thoratec Announces 30th Anniversary of PVAD™ Technology

June 11, 2012

In 1982, Thoratec Corporation (NASDAQ: THOR), a world leader in device-based mechanical circulatory support therapy to save, support and restore failing hearts, manufactured the first implanted Paracorporeal Ventricular Assist Device (PVAD™) – a device designed to meet the left, right or bi-ventricular support needs of advanced heart failure patients.  Today, Thoratec commemorates the 30th anniversary of this life-saving therapy.

HeartMate II LVAD improves life of patients with heart failure

May 28, 2012

For thousands of heart failure patients, the HeartMate II left ventricular assist device offers an opportunity for improved quality of life.

Woman Awaiting a Heart Transplant Uses Electronic Heart Mate 2

May 13, 2012

There is a new device that picks up where unhealthy hearts leave patients wondering if they will make it through the night.

Berkley Transplant Recipient Uses New Heart for a Good Cause

April 20, 2012

Berkley’s Mike Roman has the bowling game of a lifetime coming up. The 55-year-old man preparing for his spot in the mixed doubles and singles bowling games on Team Michigan in the summer athletic event he’s registered for.

Henrietta Man Favors Pump Over Heart Transplant

March 28, 2012

A failing heart forced former Rush-Henrietta teacher Richard Eastman to have a heart pump implanted in 2009.

Dr. Yoshifuma Naka Discusses the HeartMate II

March 27, 2012

Dr. Yoshifuma Naka, Associate Professor of Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY, discusses the HeartMate II.

Orange County Man Receives New Heart

March 15, 2012

A man from Orange County used to hang his heart around his waist, but now, someone else's heart pumps in his chest.  An organ donor changed his life.

Lehman shows his heart

March 1, 2012

Shane Lehman showed just how much heart he has over the weekend. Despite a heart condition that has left him on the waiting list for a transplant for three years, Lehman, 23, was one of the participants in a 24-hour fundraising relay for the Heart and Stroke Foundation that started Saturday morning at the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club.

One pump at a time

February 27, 2012

Roger Alford is a living testament to the wonders of modern medicine. He travels, plays golf and meets regularly to solve the world’s problems with a group of pals his wife, Vicki, calls the OREO club — Old Retirees Eating Out.

Machine keeps man's heart ticking

February 15, 2012

Nichols was among the first people in St. Louis to receive the left ventricle assist device — or LVAD. The device, trade name, HeartMate II, pushes blood through the left ventricle. That’s the heart chamber that sends blood into the aorta and to the body.

Shane Lehman on Hockey Day

February 11, 2012

Ozarks Heart Patient Turns to New Technology to Stay Alive

February 7, 2012

Did you know that more women will die this year because of heart disease than all other types of cancer combined? Many times, women never know their heart is in trouble until it's too late. Kay Breigh didn't expect her life would depend on a device she can no longer live without.

New device helps save heart patients

January 24, 2012

That Dave Morey is going home is almost miraculous.
It's almost two months to the day he arrived at Albany Medical Center, fairly knocking on heaven's gate. His congestive heart failure was so advanced, he'd run out of options.

Winchester Resident First Here To Get Heart Pump Device

January 19, 2012

Winchester resident is the first in Franklin County to receive a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD), after the recommendation of St. Thomas cardiologist and heart failure specialist, Dr. Don Chomsky, who recently provided this newspaper with information on this latest state-of-the-art device.

Saint Thomas Heart Opens New Ventricular Assist Device Center; One of Only 33 Dedicated Centers in United States

January 18, 2012

Saint Thomas Hospital, a member of Saint Thomas Health and a national leader in cardiac care, announced today the opening of the Saint Thomas Heart Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Center at an invitation only event at LP Field. The center, which is one of only 33 dedicated VAD centers in the United States, will meet the needs of the sickest heart failure patients in Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.

No pulse and no blood pressure, but local man has a generous heart

January 8, 2012

This story was important enough for Joe Kessler’s wife to type and hand-deliver to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. For the past eight months, Donna Kessler has been her husband’s constant companion. Even when he rang the bell for the Salvation Army last month, she sat in the car and watched Joe’s joy of volunteering.

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