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Heart to heart: new medical procedure offered in Valley

December 10, 2010

A new medical procedure is available to Valley residents who suffer from heart disease. A heart pump is improving life for patients waiting for a new heart.

Heart pump restores hope for transplant candidates

October 26, 2010

Charles Cleveland, 56, of Hazlehurst was on a heart transplant waiting list earlier this year when his health began to deteriorate.

Technology that goes straight to the heart

October 6, 2010

Steven Drexler, 31, was in bad shape.

Heart pump offers hope without transplant

September 23, 2010

Angelo DiMartino wears a police officer's holster shirt, but rest assured, he's not packing heat.

Man gets new heart with help of Loma Linda University Medical Center

September 22, 2010

A Loma Linda University Medical Center patient who survived with a HeartMate II mechanical heart device awaiting a new heart is doing well after undergoing a heart transplant.

VADs keep hope alive for 'sickest of the sick'

September 20, 2010

Ian Hauck has no pulse, but is very much alive.

Madison County’s Patsy Dudley finds new hope, and new life, in lifesaving heart pump

September 10, 2010

You might say Patsy Dudley and her husband Joe have a new lease on life, thanks to one of the wonders of modern technology.

Woman's heart revival an unexplained gift

August 30, 2010

Melissa Justice was on the operating table. In minutes, surgeons would open her chest to remove her heart. She'd been told she would die without the donor heart that awaited.

Take it to Heart

August 21, 2010

Ron Spotts, a lifelong resident of Beech Creek, enjoys skiing, working on the house, gardening and going to Penn State football games with his family.

Dick Cheney Recuperating From Heart Surgery

August 9, 2010

LIZ CHENEY, GUEST-HOST: My dad, former Vice President Dick Cheney suffered his first of five heart attacks in 1978 when he was 37-years-old. Since then, despite his coronary artery disease, he has lived an incredibly full and rewarding life. That's in part, thanks to the care of good doctors, one of them is here with me tonight, and some incredible medical advances. Most recently, he had a left ventricular assist device implanted.

Dick Cheney's Heart Implant

July 15, 2010

Erica Hill spoke with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about the heart pump implant former Vice President Dick Cheney received and what it means for his future.

N.C. hospitals offer new heart device that may replace need for transplants

July 15, 2010

Charlotte, NC A 21-year-old North Carolina man has a new lease on life thanks to a new heart implant device. Sivinty Puth received the Heart Mate, a Ventricular Assist Device, not a moment too soon.

Cheney recuperating from heart implant operation

July 14, 2010

Former vice president Dick Cheney, 69, announced Wednesday that doctors implanted a small pump in his chest last week to support his failing heart.

CMC Patient Avoids Death with New Heart Pump Implantation

July 12, 2010

Doctors at The Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute (SHVI) at Carolinas Medical Center are now certified to implant ventricular assist devices (VADs) in order to restore heart function for patients who cannot receive transplants. These VADs can help extend the life of patients with end-stage heart failure for as many as eight to10 years.

Technology Brings New Hope for People With Heart Failure

June 7, 2010

An acute cardiomyopathy sends a new mom to the brink of death. A Redskins fan with heart failure is sidelined by his illness. A heart condition keeps a hunting enthusiast from the activity he loves most.

'Iron Man' type heart device lets teen live bionically

June 5, 2010

A nearly fatal attack on your vital organs should at least leave you more like "Iron Man" than mere mortals -- at least that's how Matthew Poulin sees it.

Bionic heart keeps bride, 22, alive

May 26, 2010

Emotionally, college student Ally Smith’s heart told her to marry Mike Babineaux. But medically, it told her to push Mike away, because she wouldn’t survive to enjoy a full life with him.

Pump enriching lives of end-stage heart patients

May 13, 2010

Technically speaking, Al Senter died almost two years ago. But there he was last week, undeniably alive, climbing up and down a ladder, trimming the bushes around his Flower Mound home.

U.S. faces an epidemic of heart failure, but better treatment offers hope

May 12, 2010

By the time X-rays uncovered the cause of Nakia Hentz’ pain and weakness, her heart had swelled to three times its normal size.

The Amityville honour

May 9, 2010

THE Amityville Horror movie is an all-time favourite of Jamaicans. But one Jamaican has prevented what could have been horror for an Amityville, Long Island man by performing successful life-saving heart surgery on him.

Patient youngest in the state to receive artificial heart

April 30, 2010

Asha Wilson sat in the hotel she's staying in remembering the pain of the last few months.

UT Southwestern Patient Among First in North Texas to Receive Permanent Heart Implant

April 20, 2010

Federal approval for an alternative therapy to heart transplantation led to a new lease on life for a UT Southwestern Medical Center patient who suffered from heart failure for nearly a decade.

Experimental heart device means five more years for Waseca woman

April 19, 2010

Kay Carlson hasn't had a chest pain since July 30 when a mechanical device called a Heart Mate took over the operation of her heart.

New heart pump may work for patients with few options

April 16, 2010

Arthur Plowden has become a pioneering patient for a new kind of heart pump that his doctors say offers lifesaving technology for people running low on options.

Device brings new life to patients who can't get a heart transplant

April 12, 2010

After tying the laces on one shoe, Keith Groscost of Cedar Park had to rest before he could tie the other laces. Walking left him breathless. And he used oxygen while sleeping. Groscost had heart failure, and the doctors told him that at 79, he was too old for a transplant.

New medical device gives retired teacher a new chance at life

April 10, 2010

Robert Cooley used only two sick days during his whole 37-year teaching career.

HeartMate II keeps the beat for Rochester-area heart patients

April 7, 2010

Debra Ellersick couldn't breathe, but she blamed it on a particularly bad asthma attack.

Heart pump op buys more time for Rogerstone man

March 19, 2010

AFTER spending almost four years waiting for a new heart, Stewart Rankin is hoping an operation today to fit an artificial heart pump will make the wait a little easier.

Implanted pump keeps him alive

March 17, 2010

Yes, it's kind of weird having an electrical cord coming out of a hole in your belly, just below your rib cage.

70-year-old has new device and dedicated team to thank for his life

March 16, 2010

Diagnosed with Stage 4 heart failure, unable to tie his shoes, walk across the room, or bend over, options for 70-year-old Jim Chilson seemed slim.

HeartMate II an alternative to transplantation

March 11, 2010

The Food and Drug Administration last month approved a heart-assist device investigated for several years at Allegheny General Hospital as a destination therapy for patients with advanced heart failure who do not qualify for heart transplantation.

New implanted heart pumps give hope to more heart failure patients

March 9, 2010

There’s new hope for thousands of patients suffering from heart failure. It’s a new implanted pump that keeps the blood moving and vastly improves the quality of life.

HeartMate II can take place of transplant

March 3, 2010

Now some patients with heart failure have a choice between a heart transplant and living the rest of their life with a mechanical assist device that can be replaced when needed.

Sacramento man offers hope to others with heart pump

March 2, 2010

No doubt, Charlie R. Shade's "heart" is in the right place.

Heart pump revitalizes retired Roseville teacher in cardiac failure

February 25, 2010

Robert Cooley, 75, thought he was doomed at Christmas. His heart was failing, and he could hardly walk across a room.

Chicago docs celebrate life-saving heart device

February 22, 2010

A Chicago-area hospital today is celebrating the success of a life-saving device. WBBM's Regine Schlesinger reports the mechanical heart pump offers gravely-ill heart patients a new chance at life.

Postpartum Cardiomyopathy

February 18, 2010

Not only is this National Heart Month, it is also National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. Cardiac Rehab involves a closely monitored exercise program after a coronary procedure. We met a young woman in Aberdeen who had just started as a physical therapist in Avera St. Luke's Cardiac Rehab Unit, when out of the blue, ended up needing open heart surgery and going through the 12 week program herself.

Allegheny General Hospital gets OK for heart failure device

February 17, 2010

The FDA has approved a new technology that was tested at Allegheny General Hospital for patients with advanced heart failure who do not qualify for a transplant.

FDA Approves New Device Investigated at AGH for Patients With Advanced Heart Failure

February 17, 2010

A revolutionary heart assist technology investigated for several years at Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) has been approved by the FDA forpatients with advanced heart failure who do not qualify for heart transplantation. Called the Thoratec® HeartMate II® Left Ventricular Assist System (LVAS), the device is now available as “destination therapy” – or long-term treatment for those patients.

Surgeons at Morristown hospital implant unique heart device

February 16, 2010

When Carter Blankenship agreed to have a battery-operated device implanted in his chest, he had no idea he would be making medical history.

New HeartMate II pump is latest bridge to life

February 16, 2010

When Leonor Childers' heart quit, it wasn't without reason.

Heart device offers hope of longer life

February 12, 2010

Bob Jiles believes in accepting what he cannot change. The 76-year-old Dayton man was suffering from heart failure and knew he was living his final days when his cardiologist sat him down about a month ago and told him he might have a shot at more time.

FDA approves heart pump that showed promise in UW trial

February 11, 2010

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently approved a newly developed heart pump tested in a clinical trial at the University of Wisconsin.

New heart pump could benefit thousands

February 10, 2010

Although they have neither a pulse nor a measurable blood pressure, people with advanced heart failure lived longer and felt better when implanted with a new small pump that circulates their blood, according to UW Health heart experts whose patients took part in a recent clinical trial.

New Hope For Severe Heart Failure Patients

February 8, 2010

There is new hope for thousands of the sickest of heart patients. As NewsCenter 5's Heather Unruh reported Monday, researchers say the heart pump device could save, and improve countless lives.

Beat of Hope

February 8, 2010

Thousands have been left in the dark this week due to the snow storm. For one Maryland mother, having electricity literally means the difference between life and death.

FDA approves mechanical heart pump for long-term use in cardiac patients based partly on Hershey Medical Center trials

February 4, 2010

The FDA has approved the HeartMate II heart assist device for long-term use in patients with advanced heart failure who do not qualify for heart transplants. The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center has been instrumental in trials that led to the decision, according to hospital officials.

Why Some Are 'Opting Out' Of Heart Transplants

February 1, 2010

Thanks to some remarkable technology, patients at Ohio State University Medical Center are choosing to take themselves off of the heart transplant waiting list and are living to tell about it. With the help of a ventricular assist device (VAD), or heart pump, in some cases these heart failure patients can live a full, active life without ever needing a new heart.

St. Louis hospital: FDA approval of heart assist device good news for heart failure patients

January 28, 2010

Barnes-Jewish Hospital says a recent FDA decision means it can expand the use of a device designed to help heart failure patients survive long-term.

Pump tested at Sharp OK’d for more hearts

January 27, 2010

People who suffer from late-stage heart failure but don’t qualify for a transplant now have a new option: a cell-phone-size heart pump tested at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego.

Heart Pump Could Save Possibly Millions of Lives

January 27, 2010

The World Health Organization says heart disease kills about 17 million people every year and that it will become the leading cause of death in developing countries. But now, there is some hope. A new device is being marketed that could save countless lives.

Heart Pump gets Green Light

January 27, 2010

A locally tested device is offering a new option for severe heart-failure patients.

Life Without a Pulse: Heart Pump Aids Cardiac Patients

January 23, 2010

You might never know by looking at him, but 78-year-old Richard Stowe has a mechanical pump inside his chest, doing most of the work of his weakened heart.

Heart pump developed in Houston approved by Houston

January 21, 2010

The US Food and Drug Administration approved the usage of a heart pump this week

FDA Approves VAD Used at Barnes-Jewish for Destination Therapy

January 21, 2010

Physicians at Barnes-Jewish Hospital can expand use of a device targeted at helping heart failure patients survive long term, thanks to a decision today by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

FDA Approves for Permanent Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure Assist Device Pioneered by Texas heart Institute at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital

January 21, 2010

The federal Food and Drug Administration today approved a continuous-flow heart-assist device pioneered at the Texas Heart Institute (THI) at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital (SLEH) for use as a permanent treatment for advanced heart failure.

HeartMate II LVAD as Permanent Option for Heart Failure

January 21, 2010

The FDA has just issued clearance for Thoratec Corporation's HeartMate II LVAD (left ventricular assist device) to be used as a permanent therapy in patients with severe heart failure that are not candidates for organ replacement.

FDA Gives Approval to New Heart Device

January 21, 2010

The FDA has granted premarket approval to a second left ventricular assist system (HeartMate II).

FDA approved HeartMate II for destination therapy in patients with advanced-stage HF

January 21, 2010

The FDA has granted approval of Thoratec's HeartMate II left ventricular assist device, allowing the use of the device for destination therapy.

Heart-Assist System Approved for Severe Heart Failure: Among people who aren't candidates for heart transplant

January 20, 2010

A device that helps the heart's left ventricle pump blood in people who have severe heart failure but who aren't candidates for heart transplant has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Implanted heart pump keeps teenager active

January 17, 2010

It was the kind of complaint any mother of a 16-year-old has heard a hundred times: "Mom, I don't feel well."

"The Bionic Woman"

January 12, 2010

Leonor Childers is one of the few people in this country who have a new kind of heart pump - one that is permanently implanted, which she plugs into the wall each night.

79-year-old with heart assist device serves as inspiration to others

January 12, 2010

The decision to have a left ventricle assist device installed in his body was an easy one for Charles Shade.

Battery-powered pump is implanted in teenager with unexplained heart failure

January 12, 2010

It was the kind of complaint any mother of a 16-year-old has heard a hundred times: "Mom, I don't feel well."

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