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Equipping Staff to Implant and Manage VAD Patients

Thoratec provides extensive training for the tertiary care center staff, managing physician, and community on operational and management issues. We are committed to providing the education and support that you need to take the best care of your VAD patients.

New Center Surgical Training

When a center newly acquires a VAD system, key team members attend a one-to-two day laboratory-based training session that covers patient selection, device implantation, and post-op management.

Thoratec eUniversity

Thoratec's online learning center provides medical professionals with on-demand access to educational courses related to mechanical circulatory support.

On-site Education Training Program

Following New Center Surgical Training and initial VAD equipment delivery, this program is held on-site for new staff involved in the care of VAD patients. Thoratec's clinical consultants review all aspects of the VAD system: operating room procedures, device preparation - application and operation, and patient management. Attention is directed to issues of patient selection, peri-and post operative management, equipment overview, troubleshooting, and discharge planning. The program is targeted to key staff members charged with disseminating the information to the rest of the hospital staff and maintaining staff proficiency.

Biomedical Training Program

Thoratec supports all new equipment with a comprehensive warranty. In addition, upon the hospital's request, Thoratec works with hospital biomedical engineers to help provide in-house service. Intensive training classes are scheduled throughout the year to provide factory training to hospital biomedical engineers. Attendees receive in-depth information and hands-on training on the operation and maintenance of HeartMate and Thoratec VAD Systems.

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Online Training

Thoratec eUniversity

Thoratec University is the trusted online leader in education courses on mechanical circulatory support. The site was re-launched on September 29, 2015 with user-friendly enhancements to make your time online easier and more productive.

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Education Training Videos

Topics for healthcare professionals include patient selection, surgical implant procedures, emergency response procedures, system operation, and more.

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