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Working with a Tertiary Care Center

A Collaborative Approach Delivers the Best Care

As the treatment of advanced heart failure continues to evolve and progress, clinicians will benefit by establishing defined relationships with tertiary care centers to evaluate and treat these patients when appropriate.

In essence, referring patients to a tertiary care center provides an extension of private practice and expands patients' therapy options. A collaborative approach between clinicians and tertiary care centers delivers the best care.

Patient and Family diagram

The referral team is comprised of many different constituents with the same goal: to provide optimal care for the advanced-stage heart failure patient.

DVD: A Team Approach to Mechanical Circulatory Support

A Team Approach to Mechanical Circulatory Support image

An informative look at the total advanced heart failure team, the role of MCS and the importance of ongoing communication with managing physicians. Some other topics covered include MCS patient selection, management, and quality of life.

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Tom MacGillvary, MD

"Our role is not to take over the care of the patient but to perform that role and to get the patients back home, to their house and to their doctors."

Tom MacGillvary, MD
Cardiac Surgeon

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Stephanie Ennis, APR

"We're a team and the patients feel it and are happier with their care because of it."

Stephanie Ennis, ANP,
VAD Coordinator

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Heart Mate Pro

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