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In-office and Take-home Learning Tools

Offer your patients resources to shape their understanding of MCS options for advanced heart failure therapy and address common concerns. Our profiles present patients who tell their account of their own experiences living with advanced heart failure and deciding to receive a VAD. Use these learning tools during a clinical consultation, or give them to patients and their families for take-home review.

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Living with the HeartMate® (Volumes I, II and III)

For patients who are open to evaluation for MCS, these videos can provide valuable information to facilitate treatment discussions with their managing physician.

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A Treatment Choice for Heart Failure

Patients who have been referred for a VAD evaluation can watch this DVD to learn about:

  • How the heart is affected by advanced-stage heart failure
  • The basics of surgery and recovery
  • How to adjust to living with a VAD
  • What the expectations are for quality of life
  • Patient testimonials from VAD recipients

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HeartMate II Patient Education Brochure : Education for Decision Making in Advanced Heart Failure

For patients who are learning about LVAD therapy, this brochure provides information about advanced heart failure, the HeartMate II LVAD system, and benefits and risks of LVAD getting an LVAD.

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Access an educational website for patients considering an LVAD.


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