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Patient Education

Discussing Therapy Options

Advanced heart failure patients deserve to receive a realistic, informative appraisal of their condition, tempered with a message of hope. While every healthcare provider has a unique way of communicating with patients, you can use the information in this section as a starting point to inform discussions about advanced-stage heart failure therapy options.

Patient Education Materials & Assets

For patients who are open to evaluation for MCS, these resources can provide valuable information to facilitate treatment discussions with their managing physician.

  • Living with the HeartMate® DVD
  • HeartMate II Patient Education Brochure

For patients who have completed an MCS evaluation and deemed appropriate for further consideration, this kit and DVD can help make an informed decision on whether the therapy is right for them.

  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD): A Treatment Choice for Heart Failure, DVD

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FAQs for Managing Cardiologists

A starting point to discuss MCS therapy options with your advanced heart failure patients.

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A resource for those searching for more information about advanced heart failure and its treatment options, specifically the HeartMate II LVAD.


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Hear from patients benefiting from advanced-stage heart failure treatment with a VAD.

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